We offer a full range of services to importers and exporters in the Somalia. market.

We are oriented by results and we are truly committed to our customers. We understand that to have a great sell you need a great purchase and in the case of an international purchase there are two important aspects: product cost and freight cost.

Our goal is to support your business on somalia. territory , to fulfill the mission and objectives of your company and create a sustainable long-term relationship .


  • Analysis and Design of Supply Chain: through our logistics integrated team, we developed studies and complete projects to supply products.
  • Outsourcing Structure: we offer space and office staff for companies that need to reduce costs owing to frequency processes.
  • Business Mailbox: we received all your mail, we can digitize or reship for somalia according to customer’s requirements.
  • Market Agency: products and distributors mapping, purchase negotiation and consolidate and execution of supplier’s payments.
  • Import: through our importer in Brazil we can perform the entire process for companies that do not have register in RADAR (Registration and Tracking Expertise Stakeholder Customs) system.
  • Customs Clearance: we performed customs clearance of Somalia.


  • Receive, count and inspect inventory package.
  • Space rental store products per day, weight and pallet.
  • Re-package products.
  • Clearance of goods.
  • RMA (Return Material Authorization) management.


  • Domestic Shipping : We have partnerships with several freight companies that have worldwide business services. They allows us to offer aggressive rates by ground, rail and air transportation within any country in the world.
  • International Shipping: We work with four international transport companies that offer us a full range of global logistic services and the best shipping rates .
  • Insurance : We offer insurance for both domestic and international services.


  • We are committed to delivering excellence in everything we do.
  • We are results-oriented and seek this through standardization and methodology.
  • We have a technology platform that supports and which controls and maintains the quality standard.
  • We seek sustainable, long-term relationships with our customers.

Contact us, relate your needs! Surely we have to contribute to the evolution and improvement of your business.